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The Colorado Rockies are one of the most confusing teams in all of Major League Baseball

News & notes around the Rockies and baseball for Fri., Jan. 29, 2016.

We're not sure either, Corey.
We're not sure either, Corey.
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The Colorado Rockies traded Corey Dickerson, and Kevin Padlo, to the Tampa Bay Rays for some pitchers yesterday. Here's more on that (like you actually missed it -- ha!). Below are some reactions to the trade, as well as a few other things around the Rockies' universe.

Reed High alum McGee traded from Rays to Rockies — Reno Gazette-Journal

Let's start with a straight look, because a couple of the analysis pieces below this are not quite as generous to the Rockies. McGee, who's a Reno native, was drafted out of high school by the Rays in 2004. For 11 years, it's only been Tampa Bay for him, and now the Rockies will be the first new experience of his career.

Rockies collecting fastball specialists in McGee, Motte —

Mike Petriello comes with a look at what may attract Jeff Bridich's front office: fastballs. Not for nothing, Charlie Blackmon spoke to us at Fan Fest over the weekend (read the full interview here), and he mentioned how important a good fastball can be:

A good fastball is a fastball that's hard to hit, which, generally, velocity's the easiest way to do that. Another way to do that is throw it where you want it or to have a fastball that's very, very heavy. It's hard to get on top of. And there's guys that can do that at 90 mph, 91 mph. Or those guys that can throw 90, 91 with good sink. Sometimes, if you have that unique fastball, it's gonna be harder to hit than the guy who's throwing 95 and straight. It's not as easy as you might think to just quantify how good a fastball is. I don't know how accurate it is, but I think it would help to see some of those spin rates that they measure now. I think you'll see a correlation between spin rates and batting averages against fastballs.

That's not a bad thing. We can debate how McGee and Motte fit with the Rockies (I don't know, man, I don't know!) but it's a little refreshing to hear things like that from Blackmon's perspective.

The weird rumor is now a weird trade — FanGraphs

Dave Cameron at FanGraphs pretty much takes the Rockies to task while breaking down Thursday afternoon's trade with the Rays. On paper, at least, this trade doesn't meet the needs in Colorado OR Tampa Bay. But, there's some time left in the offseason, so a lot can happen blah, blah, blah, blah...

Rays trade for Corey Dickerson, Rockies get a disappointing return — Beyond the Box Score

The title sort of says it all—sigh—but here we are again with a take on the Rockies' trade, and it ain't good. So what does McGee do in Denver this year, push the club from 70 wins to 72? ...Yay?

Three reasons the Dickerson trade is another Rockies head-scratcher — CBS Sports

More not-good press for the Rockies, this time from Mike Axisa at CBS Sports. The whole thing is worth a read, but I'll leave you with this gem:

Thanks to the McGee trade, the Rockies continue to be the most confusing team in baseball.

Womp, womp. OK, moving on from the trade stuff...

CarGo at first base? Rox could try it this spring —

Is this that thing where somebody hypothesizes an outfielder move to first base for a few weeks, and then that outfielder gets traded for a relief pitcher? Because we literally just went through this, so let's not go through this again. (Honestly, I'd be shocked if CarGo moved to first base, but, uh... who the hell knows any more.)

Berlin's Matt Carasiti hopes to be Yard Goats' closer this spring — Hartford Courant

Nice stuff about Matt Carasiti in there, but maybe the most important thing is Zach Wilson, the Rockies' farm director, speaking at the Yard Goats' hot stove luncheon about the road trip. The Rockies don't sound like they're too worried about two months on the road for the Goats. It's beginning to look like the Rockies aren't going to alter their Double-A assignment plans in light of the extended road trip.

Rockies Fantasy Camp — Twitter

Lots of good pics, videos, and Lew Dunlap there. If you're not on Twitter (or if you are, but not following fantasy camp this year), that's a good place to get all the fun stuff. Is anybody out at fantasy camp right now? And/or do you know someone who is?! Let me know in the comments. I'd love to hear how it goes out there.

The Rockies are still weird, but they might know what they're doing with Jake McGee — SB Nation

Grant Brisbee responds to the Rockies' trade: yes, Colorado is a weird team -- it always has been -- but maybe this time that will pay off. The long view of this trade might just be in Colorado's favor.