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The Colorado Rockies will 'introduce' Carlos Gonzalez to first base this spring, per report

The Rockies will evaluate the 'longterm outlook' of CarGo at first base.

The Rockies are introducing Carlos Gonzalez to first base now, too?
The Rockies are introducing Carlos Gonzalez to first base now, too?
Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Because Thursday didn't bring enough news from the Colorado Rockies, reports surfaced late last night that the club is starting to seriously consider introducing outfielder Carlos Gonzalez to defensive reps this spring at first base, according to's Thomas Harding.

Speaking to Harding, Rockies manager Walt Weiss discussed the opportunity for CarGo to see some time at first base during spring training:

"CarGo at first base is something we've talked about introducing a little bit this spring, but it's more of a potential longterm outlook ... We're not really looking to circulate him at first base -- just starting to introduce it in a practice setting."

Well then.

Of course, the Rockies have un-jammed their previously crowded outfield now that Corey Dickerson is a member of the Tampa Bay Rays, and that would seemingly leave Gerardo Parra, Charlie Blackmon, and Gonzalez to man the three starting spots next summer at Coors Field.

But the Rockies might now be interested in thinking outside the box regarding CarGo's future in Denver. Of course, he's no slouch in the outfield; the Venezuelan has won three Gold Glove Awards, so he's not exactly hurting the team in his current position.

For what it's worth, we reported last week that the Rockies are slowly introducing the position to top third base prospect Ryan McMahon, too; between him and CarGo slowly learning the position this spring, especially with the "longterm outlook" Weiss specifically mentions, it appears the Rockies are keeping their options open at first beyond 2016.

We'll see what comes of this report, and more, as the Rockies are just a few weeks from the official beginning of spring training. It's been quite the 24-hour period, hasn't it?