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Quiz: Name the Rockies' 2015 WAR leaders

Remember our 2015 Ranking the Rockies series? Now's the time to recall that information... you know, for very important Internet points.

With 100% certainty, I can guarantee Kyle Kendrick is not on this list.
With 100% certainty, I can guarantee Kyle Kendrick is not on this list.
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The 2015 season was decidedly not good to the Colorado Rockies, and we need not re-live that in some drawn-out description here. But with still a few weeks to go before spring training begins on February 19, I thought we'd have a little fun trying to recall the Rockies' WAR leaders in 2015 — in order!

There are a few obvious names on this list, of course. There are also several other names some of you might get stuck on and never figure out. But there's a kicker to this quiz that's unlike the other ones we've done or will do: you have to name these twelve players in order from highest WAR to lowest.

For the purposes of this quiz, we are using Baseball Reference's WAR model, of which you can read more here.

So it's pretty simple today: can you name the top 12 Rockies by 2015 WAR, from highest to lowest? Last names are fine, no cheating, and yes — you have to do it in order. The quiz won't let you move on from one answer to the next if you can't figure it out. Sorry!

Good luck on some of these guys after the first six or seven:

How'd you do? Who'd you miss? Take it to the comments.