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Tyler Matzek looking for a rotation spot, but might end up in the bullpen

Rockies news and links for Monday January 4, 2016.

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Rockies Tyler Matzek fresh start in 2016 |

Tyler Matzek spoke with Thomas Harding of about the the upcoming 2016 season. Matzek indicated that defeating performance anxiety should provide a clear path toward fixing the delivery issues Purple Row identified back in June.

Regarding what to expect from Matzek this coming season, he notes that he's "been told to prepare to start, but the bullpen is an option." While it would be tough for the Rockies to lose out on the potential rotation stalwart Matzek was at the end of 2014, Matzek's return to the mound, in any capacity, will be more than welcome this season. In other words, while Matzek the starter is everyone's most desired outcome, Matzek the reliever is better than no Matzek at all.

Continuing to carry the Rockies - Ongoing Attempts

Friend of Purple Row Hayden Kane provides a great January read (December publication date notwithstanding) about his relationship with the Rockies. In short, it's been long and sustained, as I suspect it also has been for many Purple Row residents. Kane writes: "Even during their worst season . . . part of me feels like I'm hanging out with an old friend when I watch the Rockies."

Previewing the 2016 Asheville Tourists - Notes from the Sally

John Calvagno gives a quick overview of some players who might take the field for the South Atlantic League's Asheville Tourists in 2016. The most intriguing name is Brendan Rodgers. After exhibiting fatigue on the field after joining the Grand Junction Rockies last year, how well Rodgers does over the course of a full season will be one of the most significant farm system storylines of 2016.

Where will the Yard Goats play if their stadium isn't ready? - Bleating Hartford

We've been reporting on the Rockies' Double-A affiliate's ongoing stadium issues, as well as identifying some possible solutions to the mess if they can't open their first week in Dunkin' Donuts Park. Daniel Connolly at Bleating Hartford takes it to the next level with a few more options around Connecticut to put the Yard Goats for a week or so if their ballpark isn't ready on April 7.