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Ask us anything: Purple Row's staff is here to answer questions about the Rockies and more

Hooray, it's the first Purple Row AMA of 2016!

Our AMA won't be this empty... hopefully.
Our AMA won't be this empty... hopefully.
Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Here at Purple Row, we strive to make our site the best place for Colorado Rockies fans to come together to all share our passion for our favorite baseball team, win or lose. Usually lose.

Over the last year, we've seen our community here grow tremendously as we continue to gain new readers and new commenters partaking in game threads and daily posts. And we love it! We're very appreciative you choose to spend your time talking baseball with us.

In order to continue to build our tight-knit community, we want the relationships between us, the staff, and you, the reader, to be mutual. A two-way conversation is better than a lecture. With that being said — ask us anything!

What questions do you have for us? It can be literally anything baseball-related about the Rockies, or our ongoing PuRPs seriesor maybe the Hall of Fame, or it can be off-topic. There aren't too many rules here. Do you want to know Bryan's favorite dad band? Do you want to know if Connor has even been owned? (Spoiler: He gets owned literally every day.)

If you have a question for a specific person, be sure to note that in your comment(s). Otherwise, we'll pick someone to answer. Our AMA starts right when this post goes live at 12 pm MT sharp, so get to conversatin'.

Comment below!