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Larry Walker's lack of HoF support example of voter bias based on 'Coors Field Effect'

Rockies links and news from around the league.

Larry Walker is the subject of some unfair understanding of Coors Field.
Larry Walker is the subject of some unfair understanding of Coors Field.
Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Rockies Mailbag: GM Jeff Bridich needs to bolster starting rotation — Denver Post

Saunders mentions in the article his belief that the Rockies should sign a veteran pitcher to bolster the rotation, eat innings, and provide #Leadership in the clubhouse. I'm not necessarily against this idea, as long as the pitcher in question is relatively cheap. Another reader asks about the possibility of moving Dickerson to first, something I've wondered myself quite a bit, but Saunders says the organization has no plans to try it out.

Rockies focus is on the future rather than immediate success — Mile High Sports

Thomas Harding joined Gil Whiteley of MHS to talk Rockies and their policy of "waiting." Harding says the organization has a pretty narrow view on the valuation of their players and have a very specific idea of what they want in return, but potential trade partners aren't willing to budge yet. Follow the link to hear the full podcast.

Rockies Should Wait to Trade Carlos Gonzalez — Rox Pile

Interesting take on the CarGo situation arguing that the Rockies should wait till the deadline to deal him. The author argues that teams are wary of going off of a half season of terrific numbers when his overall numbers over the past two years aren't anything special. If CarGo can continue to play well throughout 2016 then his value may very well be higher at at time when teams can become desperate, but hoping he plays well enough to drive up his value is a risk the Rockies may not want to take.

My 2016 Hall of Fame ballot includes Larry Walker, here's why — Denver Post

Renck discusses the rationale behind his ballot, which included Walker, Bagwell, Griffey Jr., Hoffman, Martinez, Mussina, Piazza, Raines, Schilling, and Trammell. It's truly a shame that Rockies players will always be unfairly knocked for playing in Denver, because I think most of us can agree that, even ignoring our love of the Rockies, Larry Walker is a deserving candidate.

Despite impact, Walker's Hall of Fame support lags — MLB

Some nice quotes from Walt Weiss and Rockies first-base coach Eric Young on their memories of playing with Larry Walker, who both talk about how special of a player he was.

Bagwell, Raines, Hoffman look good for 2017 — MLB

Bagwell nearly breached the 75% threshold this year with 71.6%, while Raines and Hoffman appeared on 69.8% and 67.3% of ballots respectively. MLB's take on their chances of being voted in next year, as well as players such as Clemens, Mussina, and Bonds.

New GJ Rockies manager Gonzales happy to be 'home' — GJ Daily Sentinel

Matt Meyer of Grand Junction's Daily Sentinel interviews Frank Gonzales, the rookie-level Rockies' new field manager for 2016. A native of southeastern Colorado, Gonzales is happy to be coaching back in his home state in what will be his fourth season in the Rockies' organization.

Dodgers to announce signing of Japanese pitcher Kenta Maeda — Denver Post

Maeda, a 27-year-old righty who posted an ERA of 2.09 in 2015, will reportedly be announced as having joined the Dodgers this afternoon during a scheduled press conference.