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Colorado Rockies free agent rumors: The chase for Gerardo Parra heats up

News and notes around the Colorado Rockies and Major League Baseball for the second Friday in the first month of the New Year, January 8, 2016.

Will Gerardo Parra land in Denver?
Will Gerardo Parra land in Denver?
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

We've made it past the holidays, the New Year's celebration, and even the National Baseball Hall of Fame announcement, and here we are just a few weeks away from the Colorado Rockies' pitchers and catchers reporting for spring training. As Bryan Kilpatrick noted the other day, this means player movement is starting to ramp up, and today's top link hits on that.

News and notes around the Rockies this morning:

If Rockies sign Gerardo Parra, is Carlos Gonzalez long gone? — Denver Post

It's a story we've reported last week, and the Denver Post's Patrick Saunders plays up on a recent tweet from Jon Heyman about the Rockies' interest level in outfielder Gerardo Parra. Saunders speculates that Parra's arrival would mean the end of Carlos Gonzalez with the Rockies, but also notes Charlie Blackmon and Corey Dickerson are still two players the Rockies are at least weighing for a trade, depending on returns from around baseball. The next couple weeks should go a long way to deciding all of this... you'd imagine.

Elder Griffey beams about son entering Hall of Fame — Denver Post

Ken Griffey, Sr. has ties to the Rockies: he was the team's hitting coach in 1996. That being said, this is a nice father-son story from two talented baseball players on the occasion of Ken Griffey, Jr.'s (near unanimous) induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Wednesday.

Rockies spring training tickets go on sale tomorrow —

We are going to run a post tomorrow with the Rockies' spring training schedule and more ticket information, but the club will start selling tickets to spring games at Salt River Fields — the first of which will be played on March 2 — at 10:00 a.m. MT Saturday morning. Go get 'em!

If I was the Rockies' GM... — Purple Row Fan Post

Mark Auten (Purple Row community member wolf213) breaks down how he'd approach the Rockies if he were in Jeff Bridich's shoes. Should provide for a fruitful discussion over there. (And if YOU are so inclined, you should write a Fan Post, too!)

Why MLB Might Be The League To Get Domestic Violence Right — The Cauldron

Julie DiCaro brings a great piece to Sports Illustrated's The Cauldron about domestic violence and how Major League Baseball has a promising angle with a seven-person panel trying to figure out how best to approach the issue in the sport. Let's hope they get it right.

Senate GOP leader: State should not bail out Hartford Yard Goats stadium — Hartford Courant

If you've been following the Yard Goats' stadium troubles as we've been reporting them, you can find some updated news at that link from local politicians in Connecticut, as well as the Courant's options for where the Goats might play in April if/when their stadium is not complete by Opening Day.

Cliff Floyd set to launch protective cap liner for youth, MLB players — CBC Sports

This is a cool thing to see from former Major Leaguer Cliff Floyd, and it has a Denver tie: the inspiration for this product came from an at-bat Floyd had in Coors Field years ago against former Rockies' closer Jose Jimenez, and a line drive that nearly changed both of their lives.