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Ron Roenicke interested in becoming Rockies manager

Your news, notes and links for Friday, October 14.

One of these men may be in a Rockies uniform next season.
One of these men may be in a Rockies uniform next season.
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Ron Roenicke, former Brewers manager, is interested in Rockies job
As more and more candidates for the Rockies managerial job emerge, it seems that every so often another notable name joins the list. That's the case once again with Ron Roenicke being interested in the job. Roenicke was the Angels third base coach in 2016.

Rockies send letter to season-ticket holders |
A couple notable things were included in this letter. First off, Dick Monfort said that most ticket prices will be unchanged in 2017, and Jeff Bridich discussed what the team is looking for this offseason beyond their new manager. Bridich didn't say anything terribly shocking, but it's nice to have confirmation that they are aware of the issues that plagued the team at the end of the year.

Rockies' infield looks golden, except for that black hole at first base
From Wednesday, Patrick Saunders took a look at what to expect from the Rockies infield next year, and the possibility of the team bringing Mark Reynolds back at first base.