Rocky Mountain SABR Annual Banquet

Hello PRers. As a member of the local Rocky Mountain Chapter of SABR, I am doing a plug for our chapter's annual banquet, scheduled to be held this year at Coors Field on Saturday night, November 5th. The fee for attendance is $65, and is available for members AND non-members. Here is a little more about the events and attendees at the banquet:​

This year we will have two very special guests, Vinny Castilla and Ellis Burks. Both men were Colorado Rockies when the Blake Street Bombers ruled Denver in the 1990's. Additionally, the General Manager of the Rockies during that period, Bob Gebhard will be on hand to receive the Rocky Mountain SABR Award for lifetime achievement in Baseball.

Once again our Master of Ceremonies will be former Rockies pitcher Jason Hirsh. As usual we will also conduct our popular silent auction of the baseball memorabilia and artifacts.

Tickets for the banquet are $65.00 and can be purchased by clicking the "Pay Now" button below. You may use a credit card by clicking the Pay Pal button, or you can mail a check to RMSABR Banquet, 5803 Orchard Creek Lane, Boulder, Co 80301. Please make checks payable to Rocky Mountain SABR for $65.00 per person.

Here is a link to the RMSABR website for more information: I have gone for the past few years and it is a great experience. You get to hob-nob with a lot of people not only within the Rockies organization, but all of baseball (a lot of scouts usually attend so you get some good inside information on rumors).

Hope to see many of you there.

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