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Walt Weiss steps down as Colorado Rockies manager

After four losing seasons, Walt Weiss will be replaced as manager.

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Colorado Rockies Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Walt Weiss has chosen to step down as the Colorado Rockies manager prior to his meeting with Jeff Bridich, the team announced Monday morning.

During Weiss’ four years as the Rockies manager they never had a winning record, though 2016 was his best season with a record of 75-87. While it was his best record, it was not enough to earn him an extension as the Rockies manager.

His overall record as the Rockies manager was 283-365. Most of that could be attributed to the lack of talent that the team had during his earlier years as the Rockies manager. However, Colorado appeared to have higher expectations for the 2016 Rockies with the influx of young talent that it received, and Weiss was unable to deliver.

Hired by Dan O’Dowd, there was some speculation that Jeff Bridich would replace Walt Weiss with his own hire last offseason. However, Bridich and Weiss shared a similar outlook for the upcoming team and Bridich decided to give Weiss one more chance to prove that he could help turn the Rockies into a winner. Unfortunately, the team played lackluster for lengthy stretches, including losing 10 out of 12 games in early August that ended the team’s chances of contending. Also, Bridich and Weiss grew further apart as the 2016 season unfolded.

Weiss was in the last year of the three-year contract extension he signed in 2013 after his first season as the Colorado Rockies manager. The Rockies have no continuing financial obligations to Weiss since they let him manage to the end of his contract.

Purple Row will have more on Weiss’ departure and the Rockies ongoing search for a new manager, so stay tuned.

UPDATE [10:10 a.m. MT, 10/3/2016]:

According to Ken Rosenthal, Weiss met with owner Dick Monfort in order to look for a resolution but ultimately chose to step down. This is likely an indication that General Manager Jeff Bridich had the final say in the decision, meaning he might be enjoying more autonomy under Monfort than his predecessors.