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The Colorado Rockies don't have a manager

Rockies news and links for Monday October 3, 2016.

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE [9:30 a.m. MT, 10/3/2016]: The Colorado Rockies announced that Walt Weiss stepped down as manager on Monday morning.

Walt Weiss’ run with Rockies likely over as distance from GM Jeff Bridich grows | The Denver Post

It sure looks like Walt Weiss has managed his final game as manager of the Rockies. Patrick Saunders provides additional support for what has been a growing assumption that this will be the case. Circumstances suggest he won't return, as the Rockies managerial position is now officially vacant, and Jeff Bridich inherited Weiss. Saunders suggests that "a significant gulf has developed between Weiss and Bridich," citing organizational sources.

MLB’s Ponle Acento Campaign Is a Step in the Right Direction | The Hardball Times

Major League Baseball is encouraging players, fans, newspaper reporters, and bloggers to put accents where they're supposed to go on Latino players' names. "Ponle Acento" translates to "put the accent on it." Isabelle Minasian's article offers a summary of the emerging campaign earlier this season, which began with Adrián González, as well as a sharp analysis about why it's important. In brief, it's a gesture confirming that baseball is everyone's game, and Latinos have and continue to play an integral role in making it what it is today. In a small way, it also compensates for the history of anglicizing Latino names—the media was just as responsible for "Bob Clemente" as the often unwelcoming clubhouse environment. If you don't know where an accent should go, check Baseball Reference.