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Walt Weiss is out, but who's in? Purple Dinosaur Podcast discusses

Plus, DJ LeMahieu earned his batting title, and cereal is not soup.

The Walt Weiss Era has come to an end in Colorado. That's the big topic of discussion for Episode 89 of your favorite Colorado Rockies podcast. Who will Weiss' replacement be? What's his legacy as a manager? What does the move mean for Jeff Bridich?

Also, David John LeMahieu won a National League batting title this week, which of course was cause for the Denver sports media to dump all over him and try to delegitimize it by questioning Weiss' decision to sit DJLM during the season's final week. Does it cheapen Deej's accomplishment? (HINT: Hell no, stop being an idiot.)

Plus, we dive into an early offseason edition of #AskPDP in which we field some of our most ludicrous questions and spend an inordinate amount of time discussing if cereal can be considered soup. (HINT: It cannot.)