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For some, September roster expansion can make or break a career

Plus, how attractive is the Rockies' managerial job? And are the D-backs about to make a lateral move at GM?

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Player's Perspective: September Roster Expansion - MLB Trade Rumors
Friend of the site Ryan Spilborghs wrote a tremendously insightful piece at MLBTR detailing what September roster expansion is like for a player. In Spilly's case, he lost out on an entire year of arbitration salary due to the Rockies' decision to not call anyone up in September of 2005. This is a must read, particularly for those of you who love Spilly as much as we do.

Saunders: Why would someone want to manage Rockies? Why not?
Patrick Saunders of The Denver Post outlines the reasons why the managerial opening at 20th and Blake is an attractive one. Of course, there are some negatives -- as Saunders also points out -- but among teams with openings at the manager's post, none compare talent-wise to what the Rockies will field in 2017.

No shame in your game: fan shaming needs to stop
On a #BlameTheFansFriday, BSN Denver's John Reidy explains the obvious: Denver media types need to quit saying fans -- specifically, those who attend Rockies games -- are part of the problem. It's an ages-old tradition that has gotten tired. You want to go to Coors Field to drink beer and enjoy the atmosphere? Do it! Wanna take your kids there because it's a magical place even if the product on the field sucks? Do it! Wanna go there and do the wave? ... Well, maybe some lines shouldn't be crossed.

Jordan Patterson Using 2016 Experience to Build for Future
Rox Pile's Kevin Henry chatted with Jordan Patterson, who had a great time in his September cameo and is hungry for a bigger opportunity with the major league club in the near future.

Sources: Ned Colletti is a candidate for the Arizona Diamondbacks’ GM vacancy. | Inside the Dodgers
The former Dodgers GM is being eyeballed for the same position by the D-backs, excellent L.A. beat writer J.P. Hoornstra reports. Given his extensive history of failure with the large-market Dodgers, Colletti should be the choice of Rockies fans everywhere to run the D-backs. It's worth noting that Kim Ng, who is well-respected in the industry and currently works for the league office, is also a candidate. Ng, of course, would be the first female GM in MLB history should she get the job.