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Colorado Rockies shake things up with major coaching changes, continue to look for new manager

Sunday Rockpile

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Saunders: The bullpen, Tulo's postseason and D-backs' shot at Rockies | Denver Post

I felt like most games I watched went similarly this year: Rockies take early lead, starter goes out in the fifth inning, bullpen gives up a truckload of runs. The 'pen's 5.13 ERA was the worst in the league this season. That's just not something that's part of a recipe for postseason contention. As Saunders notes, seven of the ten teams that qualified for the postseason this year had bullpens that ranked in the league's top ten. Fixing the bullpen, of course, is something easier said than done. We've seen teams throw tons of cash at a dominant free agent reliever only to have him turn into a pumpkin. We've seen relievers throw a great season right after an awful one and vice versa. We've also seen guys come from absolutely nowhere and dominate. Luckily, I'm not the guy who has to figure this one out. The guy who does, Jeff Bridich, is clearly aware of our bullpen's struggles and it sounds like he's going to do all he can to solidify our options there.

In other news, Tulo is having himself a nice start to the postseason through the first three games, batting .385 with five RBI. Managing General Partner of the D-backs, Ken Kendrick, put the Rockies FO on blast for basically being content with continuity, even though that continuity has resulted in losing seasons. Well, we've recently made a GM change (relatively speaking) and that GM is now clearing house in the coaching staff, so I guess the Rockies are saying farewell to that continuity. And really, it's not like the D-backs have been lighting the world aflame.

Rockies don't renew contracts of 4 coaches, including Tom Runnells and Eric Young | Denver Post

Cam wrote about this last night, but ICYMI, here it is again. In addition to Runnells and Young, the Rockies have also parted with Blake Doyle and Rene Lachemann. Still retained for now are Steve Foster, Darren Holmes, and Stu Cole. More news to follow as the Rockies sort out their options for the spot vacated by Walt Weiss.

The Colorado Rockies most-likely candidate for manager will come from in-house | Mile High Sports

Although interest in Eddie Perez has been noted, MHS thinks Glenallen Hill is the most-likely candidate for Weiss' vacated position. It would certainly be an easy transition for both Hill and many of the young players on our roster, as the familiarity would be there already. I personally don't have any solid predictions on how this sorts out, but it'll be one of many interesting things to watch for as the Colorado Rockies looks more and more like a totally new and different team as they gear up for the offseason.

Colorado Rockies: The 5 Biggest Moments of the 2016 Season | Rox Pile

Here from Rox Pile a list of their five biggest moments from this season. I think my "moment" of 2016 would be the realization that yes, this team has a bunch of legit young players and yes, they'll actually start to be a decent team in the coming years and are possibly entering a window of contention. That's crazy, because for so many years all you've heard from the Rockies is "Well, we have lots of talent coming through the pipe. Next year, next year, next year." And next year would come and go and the same rhetoric would come from the media and the FO. But this time, I really think next year means next year, and that's good for my sanity.

In other sports-related news, the Cubbies took a two-game lead over the Giants with a 5-2 victory last night as the Dodgers-Nats game was postponed. Washington hosts LA for Game 2 today at 1:00 EST with the Sox and Blue Jays hosting the Tribe and Rangers for Game 3. Your Denver Broncos host the Falcons and the kid from Memphis is starting his first game against an Atlanta team whose offense is carrying it's horrid defense on the back of another sizzling hot start by Matty Ice. Brady makes his big return against a Browns team whose underwear are probably the same color as their name, while the surprise 3-1 Rams host the Bills and the 4-0 Vikings look to keep things going against the Texans.

Alabama kept on doing its thing with a win over Arkansas and Texas A&M held on to put away the Vols in a game that they honestly didn't deserve to win, in my opinion. Navy upset (6) Houston!!! and the Hokies put away the Tar Heels in a mudfest. Washington State destroyed Stanford and FSU won on a blocked PAT against Miami. Oklahoma hung on to win against Texas USC edged Colorado behind Sam Darnold's 358 YDS/3 TD performance.

And finally, for those of you who care at all about esports, the League of Legends World Championship Group Stage concludes today. I'm going to be perfectly honest, I'm a massive nerd and I play way too much League. In the minuscule chance any of y'all do, we should play sometime.