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GM Meetings: Jeff Bridich planning on holding on to Carlos Gonazalez, Charlie Blackmon

News and notes on the Colorado Rockies for Thursday, November 10, 2016

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Colorado Rockies Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Bridich not looking to deal CarGo, Blackmon |

Jeff Bridich and Thomas Harding had a wide ranging conversation at the General Manager Meetings in Scottsdale yesterday, covering topics from closer options to the free agent market to the possibility for trades. Bridich reiterated his belief that the Rockies can turn the corner and compete in 2017 and the way to do that is by adding players, and he’s “hopeful that doesn't have to come at the expense of players like Carlos Gonzalez or Charlie Blackmon." There are also updates on Boone Logan, Scott Oberg, Jairo Díaz, and Miguel Castro.

Matt Holliday says he’s open to signing with the Colorado Rockies | Purple Row

One thing Bridich didn’t discuss much was the situation at first base. Our own Eric Garcia McKinley discusses the news that Holliday seems to be “CLEARLY very excited about a return to the Rockies,” and why it makes sense beyond nostalgia. Kevin Henry at RoxPile also has a quick breakdown of the viability of the reunion.

Come Predict the 2017 Standings |

What more election and polling but without the nastiness of partisan politics? Jeff Sullivan of Fangraphs is looking for help crowdsourcing predictions for every Major League team’s 2017 win total. “Think of this as a blended offseason prediction and regular-season prediction. Obviously we can’t predict all the moves teams are going to make, but it’s mostly easy to see what teams want to do. Let that drive you.”

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