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Bud Black's qualities make him great fit for Colorado Rockies

Sunday links and news.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Black's intangibles make him uniquely qualified to helm Rox | MLB

Harding presents a few qualities of Black's that make him a great fit for the Rockies. We've bemoaned a lot of Weiss' decisions over the past few seasons, but I truly believe we're sitting in a great place with Bud Black. This upcoming season has so much to be excited about and Black is a big part of that.

Saunders: Bud Black certain he can work, thrive with Rockies' front office | Denver Post

Saunders discusses Black's willingness to embrace the advanced analytics we all know and love. For a long time, the dynamics between owner, GM, and manager were a topic of much discussion. Now, however, we're possibly seeing a change in the relationships between the three parties. That's a good thing for this team and something that's been a long time coming.

5 Moves That Could Surprise MLB Fans This Offseason | BASEBALLDOCS

As we've mentioned here on the site, the Rockies may have a legit shot at landing Mark Melancon. The team desperately needs help in the 'pen and signing Melancon would be a coup for a team that has big aspirations for the upcoming season.

Cubs scouting: 5 ways champs may improve | MLB

A few things that the Cubs will want to address to fulfill their hopes of repeating next year. Melancon is mentioned as a possible replacement for Chapman. Additionally, the article notes the importance of keeping Schwarber healthy, which is something we should all hope for, because who doesn't love Joe Buck salivating over him?