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Getting ready for the Rockies offseason with trade talks, showcases, and collective bargaining news

Colorado Rockies news, notes and links for Wednesday, November 2nd.

MLB: Colorado Rockies at San Francisco Giants Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

The MLB offseason officially kicks off tomorrow after World Series wraps up Game 7 tonight. The conclusion of the series will free up the last of the candidates that the Rockies want to interview for their open managerial position. To get ready for the offseason here’s the latest news on Rockies trade possibilities, free agent showcases and the ongoing collective bargaining talks.

Should The Rockies Trade An Outfielder? | MLB Trade Rumors

The Rockies currently have six left-handed outfielders on their 40-man roster, all of whom could make an impact on next year’s team. Normally, that’s too many, so the most common thought is that the Rockies try to reduce that glut a bit but trading at least one of them to help fill other holes in next year’s team. MLBTR breaks down the pros and cons of trading Carlos Gonzalez, Charlie Blackmon and Gerardo Parra.

Blackmon has established himself as the most valuable trade asset of the bunch, but for the very same reasons that he would also be the most valuable for the Rockies to keep. Parra would be easily the easiest to say goodbye to, but it would almost take a miracle for another team to be willing to take his contract at this point.

The Rockies don’t have to trade one of them this offseason as there are ways to make the current outfield situation work, which should allow the team to only make a trade if it benefits the team. However, it also makes sense to use some of the depth to help balance the team.

Greg Holland to hold showcase for scouts next week | Today’s Knuckleball

Scott Boras is doing what he does best, drumming up interest in one of his clients. Doesn’t matter if that client hasn’t pitched in over a year and is coming off of Tommy John surgery. Rather than pay him a huge arbitration figure, the Royals choose to non-tender him last offseason making him a free agent. Now fully healthy (according to Boras) he’s ready to test the waters of free agency.

While Holland could be an intriguing signing because of his dominance before being injured and the success rate of Tommy John surgery, there are a couple of factors that makes me think that it will be a long-shot for him to end up on the Rockies. I doubt that there’s going to be a long-term deal out there that Boras will find agreeable to his client’s worth, so the most likely strategy for them will be to sign a one-year deal to reestablish his value. Because the point of that deal is to reestablish value, the fact that the Rockies play half of their games at Coors Field is going to put them pretty low on the list of suitors for Hollands services.

Baseball’s labor negotiations could be costly to A’s | San Francisco Chronicle

The current revenue-sharing system is on the table during the current collective bargaining agreement. It seems that neither side is happy with how a few teams are spending their revenue-sharing checks and their lack of effort to try and improve their own situations.