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Preparing for the Colorado Rockies’ offseason

Rockies news and links for Tuesday, November 22, 2016.

Atlanta Braves v Colorado Rockies Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Offseason Outlook: Colorado Rockies - MLB Trade Rumors
Jeff Todd with MLB Trade Rumors takes a look at the upcoming offseason for the Rockies, noting that for the first time in a while, they have relatively little to do this winter.

Todd notes that Rockies general manager Jeff Bridich has said the team will look to upgrade the pitching staff, most likely in the bullpen, though he does not rule out the team acquiring a starter for the back of the rotation.

After addressing whether or not the Rockies will trade from their plethora of left-handed outfielders, Todd moves onto the situation at first base. Todd examines all of the options for the Rockies, from the expensive in Mark Trumbo to the bargain basement in a Jordan Patterson/Stephen Cardullo platoon.

Though he makes no predictions of what the Rockies will do, Todd does an excellent job of laying out all of the possibilities for the team and says that expectations are high this winter for the first time in a long time.