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Colorado Rockies free agent rumors: Mark Melancon and Edwin Encarnacion

Can the Rockies actually land one of the big fish in this free agent market?

MLB: NLDS-Los Angeles Dodgers at Washington Nationals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Title contention a realistic Rockies goal for 2017 |

Tracy Ringolsby shares a sentiment that is quickly growing among Rockies fans and those who cover the team: this Rockies team may be on the verge of something special. While there are a couple of easily identifiable holes on the roster, if Rockies ownership is aggressive in raising their payroll the team may be a legitimate contender next year.

The biggest nugget in the article is Ringolsby’s belief that the Rockies’ interest in Mark Melancon is both legit and growing. If the Rockies can actually afford and do indeed sign Melancon, that would bolster the Rockies’ playoff chances tremendously. Not just because it would improve the Rockies odds, but also because it would drastically reduce the chances that both the Dodgers and the Giants would be able to fill their vacant closer roles with a high-quality closer.

Finding a free agent home for Edwin Encarnacion | SBNation

Grant Brisbee explores Edwin Encarnacion’s options as a free agent and concludes that the Rockies would be the best fit for him before changing his mind at the last moment and picking the Yankees instead.

As is the usual, Grant’s writing is both impeccable and hilarious and definitely worth the read. His second graph alone is worth your entire click.

Bud Black on Managing (and Run-Prevention) in Colorado | Fangraphs

Fangraphs has an amazing in-depth interview with new Rockies manager Bud Black and reading the entirety of it makes it easy to see why the Rockies choose him as their new manager. There’s way too much in it for me to break down here, but as someone who wasn’t on the Bud Black train this has alleviated a lot of my fears.

Baseball's 21-year run of labor peace could be in jeopardy | Fox Sports

With the collective bargaining agreement expiring on Dec. 1, MLB and the MLBPA now have less than a month to sort out their differences and come to a new agreement. With no agreement made yet, these reports will only become more frequent as both sides prepare for contingencies in case an agreement isn’t made. I tend to believe that both sides are benefiting too much financially at this point to risk losing that and an agreement will be reached, but these kind of negotiations can be a fickle beast.