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What to talk about at Thanksgiving Dinner

Here to help keep dinnertime conversations away from the more volatile subjects

MLB: Washington Nationals at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

10 MLB topics to talk about instead of politics this Thanksgiving | MLB Daily Dish

Today is a day for turkey, side dishes, casseroles, and pies. It’s about gathering around the table with family and friends and reflecting on those things which give life meaning and beauty. It’s also about trying to avoid arguments with your cousin with the strong opinions on the environment or your uncle who wants you to know just how corrupt the government is. Our friends at MLB Daily Dish have some recommended topics to divert conversation in more constructive directions. But what if you want more Rockies-specific topics?

How can the Rockies solve their outfield logjam? | FanRag Sports

How about what the Rockies should do with their five left handed outfielders? Find space for Raimel Tapia? Trade Charlie Blackmon? Take Gerardo Parra on a trip to Disneyworld and leave him there? Move Carlos Gonzalez to first base?

Carlos Gonzalez’s fate hangs over Rockies offseason | Denver Post

Patrick Saunders has a few other suggestions for your tabletop discussions, specifically about Cargo’s contract and whether the Rockies need to move it, extend it, or let it ride. What do you think he wants? What do you think the team will actually do?

What to do with DJ LeMahieu | Beyond the Boxscore

What about DJ LeMahieu, huh? You could always talk about whether Walt Weiss was right to bench him for the final week of the season, or what it means that a Rockie has won ten of the 24 National League batting titles since the franchise’s inception. Or maybe you’re more interested in where he goes from here, which BtBS set out to decipher here.

Finally, as a bonus, what about some Rockies history? The Rockies announced Wednesday they would be bringing back Josh “The Rutlegend” Rutledge on a minor league contract with an invite to Major League camp. Rutledge, the former Rockies prospect, spent the last two seasons with the Boston Red Sox, putting up .276/.338/.358 in 141 plate appearances. Look, odds are nothing is going to happen for Rutledge—the prospect shine has long since worn off—but there’s nothing quite like a good homecoming to brighten up a Thanksgiving.

So you see? Plenty to talk about without getting into the dicier subjects that will lead to ugly arguments, and you don’t even have to talk about non-Rockies things either! And anyway, if you really just want to debate, there’s always a Rockies fan’s topic of choice.