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The Rockies have a history of bad pitch framers

Until turning to Tony Wolters in 2016, the Rockies have had a track record of employing some of the worst pitch framers in baseball.

Colorado Rockies v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

The long history of Colorado’s pitch-framing woes - Beyond the Box Score
At Beyond the Box Score, Ronnie Socash takes a deep dive into the Rockies’ historic lack of pitch-framing skills behind the plate.

Socash notes that in every season since 2008, the Rockies have had a below-average pitch framer catching the majority of their innings, with Colorado burning through four primary starters in that stretch. Thanks to that, the Rockies have been among the bottom 10 teams in pitch framing in each of the last nine seasons.

The good news for the Rockies is that seems to be changing with the emergence of Tony Wolters at catcher in 2016. Had Wolters been the Rockies primary catcher last season he would have been among the top five pitch framers in the game, which would certainly be a boon to the team’s young pitching staff. Here’s hoping Wolters’ playing time increases in 2017, so he can prove if he is the solution to the team’s pitch-framing problems.