Replacing Ryan Raburn

At the end of free agency last season, the Rockies signed Ryan Raburn to a minor league contract and made him their starting right fielder hoping that he would produce better at Coors Fiekd than he did at Progessive Park for the Cleveland Indians. Although his stats did improve during the 2016 season, he was still a replacement level player and now leaves the Rockies hoping they don't make the same mistake again during the 2016 offseason. Here is the current outfield market for the 2016 season:

Best of the Best:

There is pretty much a zero percent chance that the Rockies will go after players like Yoenis Cespedes, Josh Reddick or Jose Bautista, but they are the ones at the top of the market. It is also highly unlikely that the Rockies will go after players like Carlos Beltran or Mark Trumbo because they are extremely limited in the outfield and are basically DHs at this point in their career.

Second Tier:

It is also very unlikely that the Rockies will be able to make a move on players Dexter Fowler, Jon Jay, Angel Pagan or Ian Desmond. Carlos Gomez and Alejandro De Aza could be nice fits, but will probably be a little out of reach for the Rockies. Out of this group, the most likely fit would be Colby Rasmus, who can be had at a cheaper price due to his low stats during the season.

Established Veterans:

This group contains the players the Rockies are most likely to sign. A reunion with Drew Stubbs could benefit the Rockies if he hits as well as he did at the beginning of the season. Austin Jackson could also be a good addition if he manages to stay healthy for the entire season. Matt Joyce would be a great fit for the Rockies if he doesn't resign with the Pirates. Rajai Davis, Michael Bourn and Franklin Gutierrez could all be nice additions as well, although they are all likely to resign with their respective teams. Signing Coco Crisp after a down season could be a decent move given his history of great leadership. Carl Crawford and Desmond Jennings could be good signings if they play like they have in the past. Eric Thames could also be a good fit if he continues hitting like he did in the KBO. Even resigning Ryan Raburn wouldn't be the worst move for the Rockies.


If somehow all of the players mentioned above are taken before the Rockies sign an outfielder, these are the people they would have to turn to. Shane Victorino, Travis Snyder and Chris Denorfia could be decent fits even though they didn't play in the majors this year. David DeJesus could be a good addition too, although he hasn't played since 2015. Reed Johnson, Grady Sizemore and Cody Ross haven't played since 2015 either, and are better as DHs at this point in their careers. Delmon Young could be a nice signing, but probably won't be signed due to a domestic abuse case last spring. Scott Hairston and Ryan Sweeney haven't played since 2014, but are still looking at another chance at playing in the big leagues. Finally, we have Endy Chavez, who hasn't played since 2014 but did lead the independent Atlantic League in batting average last season.

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