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The Orioles just won't trade Kevin Gausman to the Rockies

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Rockies news and links for December 12, 2016.

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MLB Hot Stove Rumors: Rockies trying to pry Kevin Gausman from Orioles -

This is the type of trade rumor that is substantive in it's rumorness but hollow in it's feasibility. The Orioles always seem to be seeking outfield help, which the Rockies have. The Rockies are always seeking young controllable starters, because everyone wants those, and the Orioles have one of them in Kevin Gausman. It sounds like what has happened is that the Orioles inquire about a player like Charlie Blackmon or Carlos González, the Rockies reply saying they want Gausman, and the Orioles saying "nah we're good."

As Mike Axisa writes, "I have no doubt the O's would love to add, say, Blackmon or CarGo to their outfield this offseason. They're just not willing to part with Gausman to make it happen, and in no way is that unreasonable."

Charlie Blackmon Ian Desmond Rockies future |

Thomas Harding gathered questions from Twitter and offers some answers here. The questions were about the chances Charlie Blackmon is traded, whether or not the Rockies will break the bank for Mark Trumbo or Edwin Encarnación, and who among the available free agents could help the bullpen. In other words, the same topics we've been talking about for a week in anticipation of something happening. So, let's hope something happens.