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Colorado Rockies prospects get attention from analysts, but ignored by mainstream media

Links and news from around the league.

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Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

KATOH Projects: Colorado Rockies Prospects — FanGraphs

A companion piece to Dan Farnsworth's article from a few days ago grading the Rockies prospects, Chris Mitchell's article uses his KATOH projection system to take a different look at what the Rockies have down on the farm. I truthfully don't fully understand just how the system works, but the end result is that the system projects WAR through age-28 for players aged 22 and younger. Players who are 23 are projected through age-29, those who are 24 are projected through age-30, and so on. The top 5 ranked prospects according to the system? Trevor Story, Dom Nunez, Forrest Wall, Cristhian Adames, and Jon Gray. Nice to see Story getting some attention lately, as there's a pretty glaring hole at short that needs filling in the next few years before Rodgers is ready.

MLB's 100 Names You Need to Know for 2016 — USA Today

USA Today presents a list of 100 prospects that they think will make an impact at the majors this year. Keep in mind that the list isn't of the top prospects in baseball, but rather who they think will make their presence felt ranked in order of their anticipated impact. To qualify, players must have either had more innings pitched (pitchers) or plate appearances (positional players) in the minors than they did in the majors last year. Coming in at the top of the list is, of course, Corey Seager. The Mets placed two in the top ten (Michael Conforto and Steven Matz), while the Brewers, Braves, and Cardinals each boast six. Teams with the fewest on the list? The Blue Jays, Mariners, Indians, and ... your Colorado Rockies. Classic MSM forgetting about us... Jon Gray comes in at 60 and is the Rockies' only representative on the list.

Four dream candidates to buy the Colorado Rockies — Mile High Sports

I mean, this pretty much a pointless discussion because the Monforts aren't going to be selling anytime soon, but MHS proposes a handful of candidates they'd like to see at the helm. Paul Allen, owner of the Trail Blazers and Seahawks, if first on the list. He is joined by Steve Ballmer (Clippers), Mark Cuban (Mavericks), and John Elway.

Baltimore's Dexter Fowler Opportunity — Fan Graphs

The former Rockie is still looking for a team and Dave Cameron discusses why he'd be an ideal target for Baltimore to go after. With the seemingly likely signing of Yovani Gallardo, Cameron says the O's have "lowered the acquisition cost" of signing Dexter Fowler, which would likely take the form of a deal similar to Howie Kendrick's and the forfeiture of their compensation pick.

Shohei Ohtani is next baseball star from Japan — MLB

He's just 21, throws 100 mph, and hits in the middle of the lineup. Sign him up!