Rockies Fan in Need of Data Mining Advice

Hey there everyone,

I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and could use your help finding a somewhat original baseball-related topic that my team could explore as a part of our Data Mining course. Now, the only thing linking the three of us is love for sports (I'm the baseball fan, and they're into NFL and NBA and know little about baseball). Since baseball has a lot of ready made data to utilize (a la Baseball Reference), I've all but convinced them to do a baseball-related topic.

This project is supposed to be a semester long, so if you all have any ideas I would be eternally grateful. If your ideas are Rockies-related, even better - I practically bleed purple.

I know these forums aren't usually the place to go for a request like this, but I've been a purple-row follower for two years now and it is clear to me that you all really know your baseball saber-metrics.

I really appreciate any ideas.



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