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New York Mets' Jenrry Mejia banished from baseball for life over third positive PED test

That and more news and notes around baseball and the Colorado Rockies for Sat., Feb. 13, 2016.

Jenrry Mejia got hit around at Coors Field in his last outing there.
Jenrry Mejia got hit around at Coors Field in his last outing there.
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Hey, am I the only one who is burned out on prospect lists? (Says the guy who is running a piece in literally two hour that's about prospects...) Baseball America released their prospect list last night, and it's included for discussion in this Rockpile, but man, it has been a week of lists and honestly, I'm just damn ready for baseball.

Mets' Mejia handed permanent suspension —

This is sad and I feel empathy for Jenrry Mejia. I know, he's dumb for doing what he did (THREE TIMES!) and he deserves a ban after getting caught three different times in pretty much the most blatant of ways, but you can't help but wonder his motivation and behind the scenes reel based on the happenings yesterday.

Sure, I know, he's a cheater and he deserves the punishment that was explicitly on the table. I'm not asking for baseball to reinstate him in a year or something like that; this is his bed, and he has to lie in it after doing what he did. But man, am I curious to know what the hell happened behind the scenes with him. There's an incredible documentary/long-form journalism piece to be told here; hopefully one day, someone tells that story.

BA's Top 100 Prospects — Baseball America

There you go, prospect hounds, have at it! ANOTHER list! This time, BA doesn't think incredibly highly of Brendan Rodgers, but acknowledges that he has the ability to be listed much higher in this same rankings system next season. We shall see...

Rockies fan in need of data mining advice — Fan Post

Hey, you! Do you love baseball statistics? Mess around with sabermetrics? Have an interest in baseball data? Go read that Fan Post linked here, and help out a fellow Purple Row community member!

Making Coors hockey-ready a big challenge —

Thomas Harding with some interesting information here about what Coors Field officials and NHL folks are doing to get the ballpark up to shape to host the hockey games coming up in the next couple weeks. Should be a fun time! (We'll have a couple cool things planned for you those days, too.)

2016 Stadium Series: Coors Field Preps For Avalanche And Red Wings — Mile High Hockey

Our friends over at Mile High Hockey got to head out to Coors Field yesterday and snoop around the grounds, getting some good pictures as things were getting installed in the center of the baseball diamond.

Comeback players to watch this spring — Rox Pile

James Keating profiles a few Rockies to watch during spring training, including none other than Tyler Matzek and Tyler Chatwood. Heckuva job they've been doing over there at Rox Pile. I love those guys.