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The Colorado Rockies have a solid outfield with lots of talent on the farm

The Rockies outfield will feature familiar faces in CarGo, Blackmon.

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With the trade of Corey Dickerson to the Tampa Bay Rays and the signing of Gerardo Parra, the Rockies' outfield has taken shape. After a great deal of speculation over the offseason, it appears that two of last year's starters will be maintaining their roles. Lots can change before the trade deadline, but for now here's what we'll be rolling with.

Incumbent starters

Carlos Gonzalez

After finishing 2015 strongly, CarGo will be patrolling right field as the Rockies' everyday starter. Despite a slow start to the 2015 campaign, Carlos Gonzalez slashed .271/.325/.540 thanks to the tear he went on during the latter half of the season. Fans were treated to an in-house home run race between the outfielder and Nolan Arenado, with the former going yard 40 times and the latter hitting 42 homers. CarGo also posted a marginally lower K% than in the past two years and had a BABIP of .284 that was a good deal lower than his career average of .313. His terrific year at the plate netted him his second Silver Slugger Award, while his recovery from injuries of seasons ago has seen his defense improve after a dip. Speaking of recovering from injuries, CarGo played in a career-high 153 games last season, something that he can hopefully replicate.

Carlos Gonzalez and Nolan Arenado will be a blast to watch this year and will be important pieces in the Rockies plan of... I don't know what exactly. Treading water? Regardless, for the Rockies to win games this year, CarGo will need to continue to turn back the clock because, as Matt Gross pointed out, this Rockies' offense will likely be worse than it has been in some time.

Gerardo Parra

Parra will be holding down the opposite corner of the outfield after signing with the Rockies over the offseason. The long-time Diamondback has been a workhorse his entire career and has played in at least 150 games each of the past three seasons. While he may not provide the offensive upside that Dickerson did, Parra is a known commodity who will be able to stay on the field, something Dickerson has struggled with given his injury history. Last season Parra posted his best numbers in the past few years, slashing .291/.328/.452 with 14 homer runs and 51 RBI, good for a wRC+ of 108. It remains to be seen how Parra will grade out defensively, as the two-time Gold Glove winner has seen his defensive metrics drop off rather substantially in the past couple of seasons. Regardless of how you feel about the Dickerson/McGee deal — Parra will, fair or unfair, be inextricably linked to the trade for his tenure as a Rockie — Parra is a solid player who is under team control for a few years and is on the right side of 30-years-old. His solid play coupled with the ability to stay on the field will be nice for a team that is (hopefully) biding its time until its prospects are ready to bring this franchise to glory. *sips purple Kool-Aid*

Charlie Blackmon

One of my personal favorites on the team, Chuck Nazty will be patrolling centerfield. As we've noted in the past, Parra and Blackmon share a lot of attributes. Chuck, like Parra, has been able to stay on the field and played in 157 games last season. At the plate, both have relatively low walk and strikeout rates, while in the field both are decent defensively. Last season, Blackmon had a line of .287/.347/.450 with 17 homers and 43 stolen bases. A nice option at the top of the order, Chuck gives the Rockies speed and decent power. Given the aggravating number of TOOTBLANs we're used to seeing from Rockies players, Chuck gives the lineup speed and base running ability that it otherwise lacks. Plus, he's got an amazing beard that represents more than I could grow in five lifetimes. Blackmon has been valued at two WAR the past two seasons and has been a steady contributor.

MLB-quality depth

Brandon Barnes

A high-effort guy, Barnes will serve as the fourth outfielder as the Rockies enter the 2016 season. Fans will be hoping Blackmon and Parra continue to stay on the field as they've done in the past and that CarGo replicates his ability to avoid injury as he did last year. Barnes is a good defensive option who can be brought on to protect a lead, but his hitting leaves a ton to be desired. He had a pretty dreadful offensive showing last year, slashing .251/.314/.341 for a wRC+ of 62. Surprisingly, Barnes's OBP was his best ever and he graded out worse offensively than he did last year, which is even more surprising considering the fact that his K% in 2015 was a whopping 31.9%. At the very least, however, Barnes is a serviceable option as a fourth outfielder who gives the game his all and will serve as a decent option until one or more of our prospects are ready to make the jump.

Rafael Ynoa

If nothing else, Ynoa is a guy who can do it all, able to play across the infield and in the outfield. In limited time — Ynoa played in just 112.2 innings in left field last year — Rafael Ynoa graded out pretty terribly defensively in the outfield, but he's another option should the Rockies need it. The astute reader may have noticed that I placed Ynoa in the "Emergency options" category for third base. Why the change? Mostly because I realized that I unfairly knock a guy who is trying his best, but just isn't very good. I distinctly remember one of the first times Ynoa was put into the outfield, the dude just looked absolutely lost. Like Eli Manning looks all the time, that's how lost Ynoa looked. But he gave it 110%, and that is commendable. I'm on board Rafael, have a breakout year in miraculous fashion.

Ben Paulsen

Another guy who saw limited action in the outfield (103.2 innings) last year, Paulsen is another option should the Rockies really need it and actually graded out positively in defensive metrics last year with three DRS and an UZR/150 of 8.0. At the plate, Paulsen slashed .277/.326/.462 with a wRC+ of 97. He also went yard 11 times and drove in 49 runs, helping him add 0.8 wins.

On the farm

David Dahl

Our No. 2 PuRP, David Dahl has the potential to become an absolute star in the league as a legit five-tool player who can stick in centerfield with a plus arm, plus speed, and good instincts. Dahl will likely being the season with Double-A Hartford, but could go straight to Triple-A with Albuquerque with an outside chance at late call up. Despite having his spleen removed midseason, Dahl performed reasonably well with New Britain and slashed .278/.304/.417 (106 wRC+) with six home runs and 22 stolen bases. Hopefully Dahl impresses during spring training and can have a full, healthy season. The Rockies' outfield has the potential to be absolutely stellar in a few years, and David Dahl should be its centerpiece.

Raimel Tapia

Despite being the player scouts are seemingly the most perplexed by, Tapia has done nothing but hit at every level he's played at. With a freakish ability to put ball to barrel, Tapia will be an interesting watch at Double-A Hartford. Having hit above .300 every year except for his first, the 22-year-old has the potential to become an All-Star. Another player with potentially five plus tools, Tapia and Dahl could combine to form one of the best outfields in baseball in a few years if both reach their potential. At the very least, Tapia should be an MLB-level contributor solely based on his ability to hit.

Jordan Patterson

A guy who burst onto the national radar last year after a hugely productive season at the plate, Patterson could very well see time with the Rockies in late-2016 and he'll get a chance to prove himself as a NRI. With New Britain last season, Patterson raked to the tune of .286/.342/.503, firmly cementing himself as a prospect to watch. He profiles as a corner outfielder or a first baseman (where he's been playing a bit lately), which sounds like a perfect compliment to an outfield consisting of Tapia and Dahl. *Chugs purple Kool-Aid*

Mike Tauchman

Another NRI, Tauchman will likely start the year with Triple-A Albuquerque after slashing .294/.355/.381 with New Britain in 2015. An Eastern League All-Star, Tauchman is an interesting player who could very well be a contributor the team sooner rather than later in some capacity.

Emergency options

It's kind of hard to really point towards specific options, as the Rockies really do have a lot of players who could step up if needed. One of those guys is Alex Castellanos, who the Rockies signed over the offseason. A journeyman minor leaguer with a handful of appearances in the majors, Castellanos mashed in 2015 with the Las Vegas 51s. He's hit pretty poorly in his limited time in the majors, but he'll serve as a decent depth option should the Rockies need him.