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Colorado Rockies' report dates for pitchers and catchers are just a couple days away

News & notes from around the Colorado Rockies for Sun., Feb. 14, 2016.

Baseball is almost back. We promise this time...
Baseball is almost back. We promise this time...
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Happy Valentine's Day! As the calendar keeps turning day by day, we're mere hours away from pitchers & catchers report date now, and surely we can all feel the excitement as baseball ramps up once again. In just a little over two weeks, the Rockies will be playing spring training games again, too. Time flies.

Colorado Rockies 2016 season preview — Baseball Essential

Matthew Kozlowski takes a look at what the Rockies might do this summer, with a special focus on some top prospects and what's coming along for the future. They say the Rox will finish fifth in the NL West, but they won't come anywhere close to losing 100, so, it's the little things?

Isotopes round out coaching staff with a former Dukes outfielder — Examiner

Chris Jackson over at the Examiner takes a look at a couple of the Rockies' recent moves specifically through the looking glass of the club's Triple-A affiliate in Albuquerque. If you want more from Jackson, read my interview with him about Kyle Parker (and look for something else this week, too!).

Jon Gray has the tools to be the Rockies' next Ubaldo Jimenez — Today's Knuckleball

Hey, wait, we know that writer. Nick Stephens is bullish on Jon Gray's immediate and long-term future in Denver, and breaks it down for Today's Knuckleball for a little weekend reading.

Rockies bringing questions to camp — Denver Post

Patrick Saunders notes the questions Colorado has heading into spring training, mainly things like the shortstop issue regarding Jose Reyes' Opening day court date. He also notes a couple of other major Rockies storylines floating around out there. In fact, if you want some more, here are ten more that we posted last week.