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The Colorado Rockies' spring training workouts are underway in Scottsdale!

Colorado Rockies news & notes for Fri., Feb. 19, 2016.

Spring training is here! Like Chris Rusin, you should be fist-pumping.
Spring training is here! Like Chris Rusin, you should be fist-pumping.
Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

That pic up top, of course, is Chris Rusin celebrating after throwing one of his two complete games with the Colorado Rockies last summer. But I'm pretty sure (74%? 31%? 99%?) he was fist-pumping yesterday, too, as Rockies pitchers and catchers finally went through some official workouts ahead of the summer.

We made it, you guys! Not like past-the-Super Bowl made it, but like really made it! Spring training is here! With it, lots of good links and coverage from around the team for this morning's links. Happy Friday!

3 questions Rockies face this spring training —

One of three good ones from Thomas Harding coming your way this morning (he was busy yesterday evening!), but here gives his own look at some major storylines surrounding the Rockies ahead of their six week's worth of preseason workouts and getting up to speed.

Catcher Murphy brings learned leadership to camp —

Harding here takes a look at what Tom Murphy's learned in the last year, how the rookie is looking ahead to camp, and what we might expect out of the top prospect this year. Harding also makes a note on the other catcher the Rockies acquired on Thursday, free agent backstop Tony Wolters.

Logan enters '16 with optimistic outlook —

Boone Logan has had a couple of tough seasons with the Rockies, but a strong 2016 will make his contract, uh, slightly more palatable (not to mention making him a prime mark to trade away in July). Obviously, you'd have to hope the improved depth of Jake McGee, Jason Motte, and Chad Qualls might help settle Logan into the role for which he was initially meant, specifically against left-handed hitters.

Jon Gray adds curveball, seeks improvement in 2nd season with Rockies — Denver Post

Patrick Saunders spoke to Jon Gray about adding a curveball while maintaining expectations ahead of spring training and the rookie's now second season in the Major Leagues this coming summer. Curveball aside, it'll also be interesting to see how Gray's fastball plays this year, and whether he can reach back for the high 90s and triple digits he was getting in college.

What to keep an eye on this spring —

Jayson Stark breaks down a few of baseball's biggest storylines ahead of spring training. The Rockies aren't specifically in anything good here, but factor in to two of the choices: (a) the NL West is going to be pretty damn good (yay doormats!), and (b) Jose Reyes' status is uncertain.

One burning question facing every National League team — USA Today

Just take a guess—a wild freakin' guess—at what the big question facing the Rockies might be.

An inside look at the start of Colorado Rockies spring training — Mile High Sports

Ashley Adams runs down all the players' and reporters' behind the scenes stuff from spring training the last few days. We're not the only ones excited to get started with another season!

Turn back the clock: Neifi Perez — Rox Pile

Logan Bannon over at Rox Pile takes a look at Neifi Perez, the Rockies' very first amateur free agent ever acquired way back nearly 25 years ago. This is a fun piece, and Bannon mentions something I've never heard about a man named John Moses, supposedly the Rockies' first player. Looking at the transactions on Moses' Baseball Reference page, it's certainly there, but, that's gotta be a typo, right? Nearly two years before they ever played a game, they signed a big leaguer?

Wait! I got it. It's a B-Ref screw up; Colorado Springs was an Indians affiliate in 1991, and Moses was playing for the Sky Sox in Cleveland's organization from May 1 to July 19 of that year; Baseball Reference just mistakenly lists it as being in the Rockies' organization, since that's what Colorado Springs would soon become thereafter. Strange. Anyways, the Neifi stuff is solid.

Walt Weiss confident in Rockies' rotation, unsure of Jose Reyes' future — Denver Post

Aren't we all? Unsure of Reyes, that is; that Weiss is confident in the rotation may be part company line that he needs to toe, as that's what he's paid to do. But assuming health (I know, I know), the Rockies might have a decent-ish rotation in 2016... if by decent-ish, I mean better than the really bad rotations of most of the last several seasons. Progress?