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The Grand Junction Rockies' work with the Challenger Baseball League, in pictures

Looking at the GJ Rockies' work with Challenger over the years.

As Carma Brown's Challenger Baseball League continues to touch the lives of special needs children all over Grand Junction and Mesa County, it's not just those kids and their families that are affected; professional baseball players making the pilgrimage to the Pioneer League town have their lives changed every year when they come into contact with these amazing young men and women.

The Grand Junction Rockies have only been in town there in Mesa County for a few seasons, but they've already made a big mark on the field—and, with the help of people like Carma Brown, they have continued to make a big mark off the field and out in the community, too.

Enjoy these gallery photos of the GJ Rockies as they interact with the special needs players of the Challenger Baseball League. You can bet the two groups have quite a bit more in common with each other than you'd initially think just by looking at them across the slideshow.

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Enjoy the gallery! All pictures courtesy of Challenger Baseball, reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.