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Challenger Baseball League changes lives both in Grand Junction and far beyond

Carma Brown and the Challenger Baseball League have put together quite a special program for their own children and their roving groups of buddies over the last 17 years.

When Carma Brown started the Challenger Baseball League in Grand Junction, there's no foreseeable way she could have envisioned it developing into what we see today, both from her own special needs players in the league, and the teams of buddies who gleefully come out to help on a weekly basis.

Enjoy some pictures from Carma's time working with Challenger Baseball, affecting the lives of children across Mesa County and the Western Slope and even further across the country through her impact on the Pioneer League's Grand Junction Rockies and the teams coming annually to the JUCO World Series at Suplizio Field.

It quickly becomes about so much more than baseball when this Challenger League is concerned, reminding all of us how truly insignificant sports and stats and analysis becomes when the game is used for the right means, and with people for whom it really, truly matters.

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Enjoy the gallery! All pictures courtesy of Challenger Baseball, reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.