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Colorado Rockies look to improve offensive efficiency

Your Rockies news, notes and links for Monday, February 21.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Rockies seeking improved production at plate |
Walt Weiss is looking for a way to improve the team's offensive efficiency, and he thinks the way to do it is inning by inning. In spring training, the team will be playing an inning every day, getting them used to certain situations. The players will have to put money on it as a way of upping the stakes, the team that wins the inning then gets the pot. Don't be surprised if you hear Weiss talking about "winning the inning" a lot this year, as it's one of his main focuses.

Prospects Hoffman, Freeland aim to impact staff |
There are a lot of strange parallels in the baseball careers of Jeff Hoffman and Kyle Freeland. They both went to colleges that wore purple, they both played in the Cape Cod League, and they went back-to-back in the draft. Now, they're both members of the Rockies organization, as well as golf buddies. A cool look at the friendship of the two from Thomas Harding.

Mark Melancon, Jared Hughes test headgear |
Melancon, a Colorado native, and Jared Hughes of the Pirates are two of the 20 pitchers who have agreed to test the new "Half Cap" headgear designed to help protect them from comebackers. The only complain that either man had was about the look of the helmet, which is understandable. Hughes has already made plans to wear the helmet in a spring training game next month.

Ken Griffey Jr. got to wave the green flag at the Daytona 500 |
The Kid, Bryce Harper, Carlos Gonzalez and Buzz Aldrin were all in attendance at the Dayton 500 yesterday. Dale Earnhardt Jr. couldn't quite work up the courage to say something to Griffey, but managed to get a handshake. Sounds like a fun day all around.