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Here's your chance to write a Colorado Rockies spring training game recap this year!

Hey, let's hope this isn't a horrible idea.

Don't you let Walt Weiss down, now.
Don't you let Walt Weiss down, now.
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Have you ever wanted to write your own recap for a Colorado Rockies game? Put your own style, and opinions, and voice into a postgame post-mortem? Well, hey! Here's your shot! In a new thing we are doing that we absolutely, completely, shamelessly stole from elsewhere, we're opening up some spring training recaps to community members!

We love and look forward to the debate in the comment sections of the posts here, and we love your Fan Posts (speaking of which, you should all do more of those now that baseball is back!). We figured that giving you guys the opportunity to write some spring training game recaps might be a fun way to get you more involved with the site and your favorite team, and who knows, maybe spark a new level of interest in you. (Or, uncover a new writer to join the staff who can thankfully put Connor Farrell out of his misery, am I right?!)

So in a move that will either be the most brilliant thing we've ever done, or perhaps the biggest (non-Connor) disaster in site history, we're giving you the option to take a crack at writing up a game recap this spring!

Here's what you should know:

  • Sign up on a first-come, first-serve basis. To sign up, simply comment below this post with which game you'd like to recap; we'll add you to the list.
  • At least to start, please only comment with a request for one game; if tons of you sign up like we hope, we'd love to spread the recaps around a little bit. If after a few days only, like, three of you have signed up, then yeah we'll let you do more than one recap if you're so inclined.
  • A game recap is, well, recapping what happened during the game. It's not really rocket science, and you've all read a ton of them. But don't feel like you are beholden to our style or voice on these; if you want to focus on stats in your recap, great! If you prefer to focus on observations you made throughout the game, that's great, too! Tell us (and the readers!) the story of the game, what happened, key points, what we should know, etc. in your own unique way.
  • Any game you sign up for and get, you would obviously have to watch/listen to the whole game on television (some ROOT, some MLB Network), radio (you know the drill, local Colorado folks), (almost every Rockies spring game will be available via video streaming at the team's website), and/or the GameDay stream on the Rockies' site.
  • Then, have a recap ready for us shortly after the game ends. Two hours after is probably a little too long, so make sure your game (all times midday!) is OK in your work/life schedule.
  • If you want to recap or write about the Rockies and none of the spring games work, seriously, go write a Fan Post on whatever you want about the club; we read every single one that goes up and it's a great way to get started, meet the community, engage, debate, etc.

Here's the schedule from which to pick:

Date Time Opponent Writer
Wed, Mar 2 1:10 pm MT vs Diamondbacks
Thu, Mar 3 1:10 pm MT @ Diamondbacks ESterps08
Fri, Mar 4 1:05 pm MT @ Athletics
Sat, Mar 5 1:10 pm MT vs Padres shay.cheever
Sun, Mar 6 1:05 pm MT @ Reds Rocky Mountain High
Mon, Mar 7 1:10 pm MT vs Cubs 1032guitars
Tue, Mar 8 1:05 pm MT @ Royals jeffyoung80
Wed, Mar 9 1:05 pm MT @ Giants
Thu, Mar 10 1:10 pm MT vs Reds
Fri, Mar 11 1:10 pm MT vs Indians
Sat, Mar 12 1:05 pm MT @ Brewers
Sun, Mar 13 2:10 pm MDT vs Dodgers Jklaus37
Mon, Mar 14 2:10 pm MDT @ Mariners
Tue, Mar 15 2:10 pm MDT vs Athletics @tanner_barth (Twitter)
Wed, Mar 16 2:05 pm MDT @ Dodgers
Thu, Mar 17 2:10 pm MDT vs Angels
Fri, Mar 18 2:10 pm MDT @ Angels
Sat, Mar 19 2:10 pm MDT @ Padres @TEngquist_SPT on Twitter
Sun, Mar 20 2:10 pm MDT vs Giants 1032guitars' girlfriend
Mon, Mar 21 2:05 pm MDT @ Rangers
Tue, Mar 22 2:10 pm MDT vs Brewers
Wed, Mar 23 —— OFF DAY ——
Thu, Mar 24 2:10 pm MDT vs Mariners
Fri, Mar 25 2:05 pm MDT @ Reds
Sat, Mar 26 2:10 pm MDT vs Rangers
Sun, Mar 27 2:10 pm MDT @ Diamondbacks @JustinChernow on Twitter
Mon, Mar 28 2:10 pm MDT vs White Sox
Tue, Mar 29 2:10 pm MDT @ Diamondbacks
Wed, Mar 30 2:05 pm MDT @ Cubs (SS)
Wed, Mar 30 2:10 pm MDT vs Brewers (SS)
Thu, Mar 31 1:10 pm MDT vs Diamondbacks

There you go! Now, get to signing up in the comments with a date and game that works for you. We'll edit this page as sign-ups come in and go from there!