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The Colorado Rockies have a stronger bullpen and depth in the rotation for 2016

Daily Colorado Rockies links and news.

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The Color of Baseball Statistics — Baseball Prospectus

A fantastic piece from Purple Row's own Eric Garcia McKinley over at BP regarding the relationship between the history of statistics in baseball and the history of race in the game. Terrific read and one that's highly recommended. Comprehensive, informative, and captivating, the piece is a great look at a subject I'd bet many of us haven't really thought about too much.

Rockies Rotation Has More Promise Than You'd Think — Today's Knuckleball

Another piece from a Purple Row writer, this one's from Nick Stephens. What's the use of a good bullpen if it's not going to be given leads to protect? The Rockies have some depth this year in the rotation and depending on how things shake out, the rotation could be pretty decent. Check out Nick's take on the options the Rockies have heading into 2016.

Home wins key to 2016 success, Weiss says — MLB

The Rockies finished an abysmal 36-45 at home last season, and Walt Weiss is looking to get the Rockies back to their winning ways at Coors Field. If you're terrible at home, well, you're probably in for a long season. Addressing the Rockies' road performances, Weiss feels confident that the roster is better suited to winning tight games thanks to the acquisitions made thus far. Identified as a strength of the team, the bullpen will be counted upon to help keep games short when needed. The additions of Motte, Qualls, and McGee make this year's bullpen one of the better ones we've have in recent memory. Weiss also touched on the Jose Reyes' situation, noting that the Rockies have at the position Daniel Descalso, Trevor Story, and Cristhian Adames. Here's hoping Story sees time sooner rather than later.

The Plan — Rockies Zingers

Discussing the Dickerson-McGee trade, Ryan Hammon notes that, at least in the short term, the value each team is receiving is roughly the same. That's been discussed here multiple times already, but of note here is his view on what the Rockies' plan is for the future. His opinion? That the Rockies are just trying to be relevant, to produce some decent baseball for fans and for the players on the team they hope to keep around (e.g. Arenado, prospects, etc.). I understand this line of thought totally. I can appreciate the FO trying to win as many games as possible and I can appreciate that efforts being made send positive signs to guys on the team they'd like to build around and our prospects. I don't know if I necessarily agree with this, but I do understand it.

At the Crossroads; MLB can Set Domestic Violence Standard — Rox Pile

As we're all aware, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred's decisions regarding the charges and accusations against Reyes, Puig, and Chapman will set an important precedent for the league. Good piece offering some thoughts on how the MLB should proceed.

Todd Helton Would be A Huge Addition for Rockies Organization — Rox Pile

Definitely something we can all get behind. How nice would it be to have Helton back with the Rockies as a hitting coach? Maybe teach the players a little something about plate discipline, something the Rockies seem to be sorely missing lately. With so many bright prospects getting set to make their presence felt within the next few years, the Rockies could use a guy like Helton around the clubhouse.

Colorado Rockies to Have Upgraded Bullpen in 2016 — Mile High Maniac

As mentioned above, the Rockies could have a pretty solid bullpen this year. Qualls and Motte are solid additions, and McGee is the real deal. The Rockies will also hopefully be getting Ottavino back at some point and will also have guys like Jairo Diaz and Miguel Castro potentially contributing. What's long been a weakness for the Rockies has a chance at becoming one of the team's better units.

Pitching prospects with best combo of tools — MLB

Jeff Hoffman, ranked 52nd in MLB's list of Top Prospects, is tied with Julio Urias in total value of tools, measured as each prospect's best three pitches and control. Giolito is first with a whopping 260 points (80 FB, 70 CV, 55 CH, 55 Control), while Hoffman slots in behind him with 240 points (65 FB, 65 CV, 55 CH, 55 Control). Jon Gray is behind them with 235 points (70 FB, 60 SL, 55 CH, 50 Control).