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Super Bowl 50 is now the only thing standing between us and Colorado Rockies baseball

You guys. You guys! It's the last hurdle before baseball can REALLY begin! Let's chat about Super Bowl 50.

Broncos. Panthers. In a few hours, it'll be time for the Rockies again.
Broncos. Panthers. In a few hours, it'll be time for the Rockies again.
Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers are playing a football game this afternoon, and it's apparently a pretty big deal. I don't know, I was busy looking up the likelihood of Christian Friedrich catching on with the Angels this spring and opening camp with them in April. (I have a problem.)

Honestly, this game should be pretty interesting even beyond the fact that, hey, Broncos! Go Broncos! (And for me, hey, Panthers! North Carolina! Go Panthers! Woo-hoo! Can both teams win?)

It might be Peyton Manning's last game, Cam Newton might dab on him or maybe on Wade Phillips, and I'm hearing unconfirmed reports that Lady Gaga is planning on a 17-minute national anthem. Plus, there's Coldplay at halftime. What's not to love?! (Coldplay sucks, but the rest of that sounds good enough for me.)

Broncos, Panthers, CBS, 6:30 p.m. ET/4:30 p.m. MT, game thread below, answer these questions to kick it off (football pun!):

1. Predict the winner & final score.

2. Will Peyton announce immediately after the game that he's retiring?

3. What will the Rockies do during the game? [A] Sign Yovani Gallardo ... [B] Trade Carlos Gonzalez ... [C] Remind us that Rafael Ynoa is a tough out.

Get to it! Go Donkeys!