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Can you name the ten best hitters in Colorado Rockies franchise history?

Trivia on the ten historical Colorado Rockies who have the highest career batting averages with a minimum of 502 plate appearances.

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Will Michael Cuddyer show up on this list? (No, no he won't.)
Will Michael Cuddyer show up on this list? (No, no he won't.)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Quiz time! Today's Colorado Rockies quiz is pretty simple — well, most of the answers should be — and you've got five minutes to do it. That's an eternity. All of you should really score at least seven or eight on this, and I'll be disappointed if you can't get at least five.

All you've got to do is name the Rockies' ten best hitters, all time, by batting average. Only hitters with a minimum of 502 all-time plate appearances with the club qualify for this list, so it doesn't include anybody who went 4-for-5 in Colorado like Jeff Manto did in 2000. (Side note: out of all Rockies players with more than one at-bat, Manto is the franchise's greatest hitter. The more you know.)

Don't go Googling, don't read the comments until you've finished the quiz (or it'll be spoiled!), and last names along are just fine (i.e., "Cuddyer" will work the same as "Michael Cuddyer."). Go to it:

OK, who did you miss? You didn't get #1 on that list, did you? Don't lie to me. (Hit me in the comments below with your surprises about the Rockies' top-ten list.)