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There are two versions of Charlie Blackmon

Your Rockies news, notes and links for Sunday, March 13.

The fun side of Charlie Blackmon
The fun side of Charlie Blackmon
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

The split mind of Charlie Blackmon is anchoring the Rockies' outfield - The Denver Post

There are two Charlie Blackmons. Seriously. That's what Walt Weiss told Nick Groke. There's the fun version of Blackmon with the great Twitter, and there's the one that starts in center for the Rockies. This is an interesting look at the mental fortitude it takes to be a pro athlete.

Trevor Story homers in bid for shortstop job |

Trevor Story is having a really nice spring so far, and everyday he seems to be pushing himself closer to forcing the Rockies hand regarding the shortstop job on Opening Day. If he can keep this up, it's possible that he'll be starting in April.

Saunders: Are Rockies to blame for Rex Brothers' struggles on mound? - The Denver Post

Patrick Saunders asked the same question that I'm sure some others that have paid attention to. Could the struggles of Rex Brothers be the fault of the Rockies? Brothers doesn't think so, so hopefully we won't be hearing that from anyone soon.