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Rockies spring training Game No. 1: Rubby De La Rosa vs. Scott Oberg

Lineups and more within.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball. Is. HERE.

Not real baseball, of course, but still -- competitive baseball that will feature star players, prospects, and everyone in between. It's going to be great and torturous all at the same time. But mostly great.

The Colorado Rockies kick off a spring training that will be immensely different than the 10 or so before it. And with that comes mostly hope, with a little bit of uncertainty sprinkled in. But for a team that is in the midst of the worst five-year stretch in franchise history, uncertainty isn't necessarily a bad thing.

What is certain is that Scott Oberg, who will start the Rockies' Cactus League opener in a few short hours, won't be making too many other starts. Oberg, who possesses good, hard stuff but not much of an idea of where it's going (based on his rookie campaign a year ago), will be followed by an intriguing group of pitchers that includes Jon Gray and Tyler Matzek.

Here's the Rockies' full lineup card:

And, here's how the D-backs -- who will also send Archie Bradley, among others, to the mound -- will counter:

First pitch is at 1:10 p.m. MT. The game can be heard locally on 850 KOA, as well as via, and followed here.