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Rockies spring training notes, Jon Gray's injury, and more on the latest Purple Dinosaur Podcast

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Listen to this week's episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast!
Listen to this week's episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast!
Purple Row

BIG IMPORTANT PDP NEWS: With the demise of the former ESPN Denver, the Purple Dinosaur Podcast is now coming to you exclusively from Purple Row and SB Nation. That means a big thing for iTunes users (and the rest of you plebes). We now will only be updating ONE feed for the show. That's this one right here. If you are not subscribed to this one right here, you will not get new PDP episodes and your life will end up cold and meaningless (or more than it already is). So subscribe to this one right here. Seriously, this oneRight hereSubscribe here.

And now for the magic of Episode 67. With just over a week to go until Opening Day, panic sets in across the Rockies land as Jon Gray's abdomen gives us one more reason to curse our fortunes of having been sentenced to a lifetime of never having nice things. But seriously, what does it mean for the rotation? And how is Nolan Arenado actually human? Hitting over .600 isn't human.

Beyond those two big storylines, we discuss Trevor Story and the potential to wait on starting his service clock in the big leagues. And finally, we tackle a subject we know you've been waiting for us to tackle: DRAKE. LAROCHE.

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