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Jose Reyes' domestic violence charge to be dropped, per report

Because of an uncooperative witness, prosecutors are dropping the charges against Jose Reyes

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Associated Press is reporting that the charges against Jose Reyes are being dropped. Unfortunately, as is often the case in domestic violence cases, Reyes' wife is refusing to cooperate with the prosecutors which makes it extremely difficult to win a trial. Reyes trial date was set for April 4th, which was also opening day for the Colorado Rockies.

This does not mean that Reyes' won't be suspended, however, as MLB has already set precedent in the Aroldis Chapman case that a domestic violence incident can still result in a suspension even without the offending party being found guilty in a court of law.

Reyes has been on paid administrative leave since the beginning of Spring Training awaiting the outcome of his case, and MLB has acknowledged that they were waiting for the outcome to be determined before handing down the suspension, so this will expedite that process now.

We will have more on Reyes' situation as it continues to unfold.