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The Rockies were right in naming Trevor Story the Opening Day starter

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The Rockies made the right choice adding Trevor Story to the Opening Day roster — MHS

All in the article title really, but Josh Pennock over at MHS talks about why he thinks the Rockies did the right thing by adding Story to the roster. I totally agree with him too; I'm very happy Trevor has been named the starter. He earned it, simple as that. Yes, I understand the concern about using up a year of his service time in a season that's going to be probably pretty dreadful, but I totally disagree with the position that Story being named the starter is either an indication of the FO's incompetence or an indication of the FO not rating him highly. I think Story is a terrific player; I think the FO recognizes this, and I think they're doing the right thing by giving him the starting spot –– If you earn it, you deserve it.

Story could very well turn out to be a star, and I don't think I'm exaggerating here –– I really think that is his ceiling. And as long as he ends up reaching (seems like a weird word to use in this context) his floor, he'll be an average MLB player. Either way, I think it's good of the FO to do right by him and award him the position he earned. In my opinion, that sends a great message to every player at every level of the organization. If you play your way into a promotion, then you get it.

Struggling Jorge De La Rosa say he'll be ready for Rockies' opener — Denver Post

Despite allowing four runs on four hits and four walks in three innings to the Milwaukee Brewers in his last outing, JDLR insists he'll be ready to go on Monday. Similarly, Scott Oberg was lit up for seven runs in 1/3 of an inning in a split-squad game, including a home run allowed to Jon Lester. As always, spring training performances aren't really an indication of regular season success, so look to these two guys to bounce back in the coming days.

Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes will not stand trial for domestic abuse — Denver Post

As mentioned yesterday by Ryan Schoppe, the prosecution is dropping its charges against Jose Reyes because of Reyes' wife's refusal to cooperate. While he may not face legal repercussions, Reyes can still be charged by MLB.

Colorado Rockies Outfield Battle: Final Week — Rox Pile

Gerardo Parra, Charlie Blackmon, and Carlos Gonzalez will be manning the outfield for the Rockies for the foreseeable future. Raburn and Barnes will serve as their backups, with the former especially offering added versatility in his ability to play a multitude of positions. Raburn, of course, gives Weiss the option of a right-handed bat that can crush lefties, while Barnes' defensive ability will be a nice addition.

Coors Field and playing time are big reasons Mark Reynolds came to Colorado — MHS

Reynolds spoke with Shapiro and Goodman on MHS Wednesday and discussed how the prospect of playing at altitude was too good to pass up. With an average of .287 in 35 games with eight home runs and 23 RBI, Reynolds is hoping he'll be able to continue to hit well in Colorado. Reynolds has bounced around quite a bit in the past few years, but he says the transition has been pretty smooth with him being familiar with a few of the Rockies players. Scroll to the bottom to listen to the podcast.

The Rockies need to do the right thing (the hard thing) and cut Jose Reyes — MHS

I agree with the premise of this article, but I'll admit I'm not fully knowledgable of the salary implications for cutting Reyes. I really don't know how the Rockies should go about this, but in principle, I do think Reyes needs to be punished by MLB and the Rockies. It's a shame so many cases like this go away because the victim won't cooperate with prosecutors and really, why should they? In this type of situation, testifying just hurts the victim if it puts her husband out of a job. The entire situation is a shame and at this point, we just need to hope that whatever happens is best for Mrs. Reyes.