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Colorado Rockies catcher Tom Murphy working to slow the game down, manage expectations

The Rockies' likely catcher of the future discusses the need to do less this spring if he hopes to do more this summer.

Tom Murphy learned a lot from his first experience in the big leagues last summer.
Tom Murphy learned a lot from his first experience in the big leagues last summer.
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Scottsdale, Ariz. -- I caught up briefly with Colorado Rockies catcher Tom Murphy as I was walking out of the home clubhouse on Thursday evening immediately after he was removed from the game during the club's eventual win against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

We had a nice discussion about some stories that will appear shortly here on Purple Row, but he also told me a little bit about his preparation this spring in big league camp and I felt it worthy enough of a separate post for you to get an idea of one prospect's mindset as he navigates the challenges of trying to make the club's Opening Day roster.

"I don't have any goals here," Murphy said about his outlook coming into March. "I’m just hopefully trying to come in and not do too much. I can already catch myself trying to do a little bit too much, and it’s not something I want to do or try to prove anything."

Obviously, with his fast ascension to the big leagues last summer, the external expectations on him are one thing, but Murphy seemed to stick on the desire to ignore those factors beyond his control, and only concentrate on what he's able to personally impact on the field.

"Last summer was fine," he told me, when I asked about whether the game had sped up too much for him at the big league level, too, or if it was just this spring where he felt he was moving too quickly.

"But I can feel myself already coming here having that mentality that I want to impress and improve, and just that’s not the way to do that kind of stuff."

Certainly an interesting—and likely mature beyond his years—perspective from a man many have tabbed as the club's catcher of the future during a period that ought to be very important for the organization over the next couple seasons.

We'll have much, much more with Murphy on several other stories throughout the spring; he's a thoughtful and interesting interview, to be sure. Stick around Purple Row for all of that later this month!