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Win a copy of Jeff Passan's new book The Arm

Want a free copy of Jeff Passan's new book The Arm? Enter our FanPost contest!

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Jeff Passan recently spoke with Purple Row about his new book The Arm: Inside the Billion-dollar Mystery of the Most Valuable Commodity in Sports. While the book is about many things, it's ultimately about pitchers and the distinct challenges and fears they face. Or, as Passan put it, the "heart of the book is about two guys [Todd Coffey and Daniel Hudson] who lost their livelihood and are trying to get it back." In other words, it's about the process of returning from injury—in the case of Coffey and Hudson, returning from their second Tommy John surgeries.

This process might end in tragedy or triumph, as well as anything in between, as the book shows. And that's the basis of this FanPost contest.

Write a FanPost about the most tragic or triumphant pitcher story in Rockies history. For those who want to focus on the in between, state what characterizes the story and why. It can be anything from a career to a single inning. The only condition is that it has to be about a pitcher or pitching.

We'll select the best FanPost, plop it on to the front page of Purple Row, and send you a copy of Jeff Passan's new book. The deadline for submissions is 10 p.m. MT on Sunday, and we'll decide the winner by Tuesday morning, the day the book is officially released.

Good luck, and we look forward to reading your stories!