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Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story still impressing teammates, must soon adjust

MLB news and notes for Sunday, April 10, 2016.

Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story.
Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story.
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Tough game last night. Get 'em again today. Or don't, I don't know.

Rockies teammates wowed by Story's start —

And I am too! That's a lot of home runs! He didn't hit one Saturday night, but he did get a nice single; something tells me, however, that he's going to be seeing quite a few breaking balls from here on out, and things are about to get much tougher for him. Can't wait to see how he reacts.

The 10 most talented minor league teams —

The Hartford Yard Goats are the third-best team in all of minor league baseball, according to these guys. They are really, really ridiculously deep, so we'll see how they do on this road trip. (Read this if you haven't already, seriously. Shameless plug, but it's good s**t.)

Dick Monfort Q&A: Rockies owner says more changes may come to Coors Field, is pleased with pitching depth — Denver Post

Nick Groke talked to Dick Monfort about the Rockies, Coors Field, the fences, making things slightly more pitcher-friendly, etc., etc.

Trevor Story’s historic home run streak comes to an end — Mile High Sports

And so it goes in life, and so it goes in death.

Betts, Schoop, Ray, Others Move To The Legacy Agency — MLB Trade Rumors

The 'others' listed there include Tony Wolters. So Tony Wolters has a new agent. So the next time you see Tony Wolters, be all like, "hey Tony Wolters, congratulations on your new agent," and he'll probably be all like, "hey, I'm Tony Freakin' Wolters, let's win a ball game today," and you can be all like, "hey Tony Freakin' Wolters, are you still listening to Selena Gomez," and he'll be all like, "heck yeah, it's a banger."

The top 100 minor league player names of 2016 — Cut Four

Hey, this is a fun thing. There are a couple Rockies farmhands on this list, including a surprising one that I think is ranked WAY, WAY too high.