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Trevor Story gaining much deserved national attention

Rockies news and links for Monday April 11, 2016.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Trevor Story's plate coverage fueling historic power display -
Trevor Story continues to have more home runs than games played. Mike Axisa of CBS Sports has a rundown not just of Story's home runs (minus the seventh), but how he's been hitting them. Each of those six home runs have come off of different types located in every quadrant of the strike zone. The league is going to adjust to Story, but right now, it's not entirely clear how. The conclusion: "The kid can handle all kinds of big-league pitching."

Let’s Get Irresponsibly Excited About Trevor Story | FanGraphs Baseball
Yes, let's. This article is similar to Axisa's. Another thing that Jeff Sullivan has noticed is that Trevor Story is not putting balls on the ground. Prior to Sunday's game, Story has only hit two groundballs. He's hit 12 fly balls and three line drives. This is a profile that lends itself to a lot of home runs. Additionally, Sullivan notes that Story used a toe tap in his first major league at bat, a groundout. It doesn't look like he's used it since. Was it nerves? An immediate adjustment? Absolutely nothing at all? We'll know more later. For now, let's continue being irresponsibly excited about Trevor Story.

Three Counterpoints to Trevor Story’s First Three Games | FanGraphs Baseball
Also at FanGraphs, Paul Swydan identifies another hot start rookie who, ultimately, justify the irresponsible excitement: Javier Baez. Swydan points to the similar walk and strikeout rates in Triple-A that Baez and Story posted. My counterpoint to Swydan's counterpoint is that Story's corpus of minor league work suggests that the walks will come. He earned his first walk Sunday afternoon. Additionally, as I previously wrote, Story posted very good walk and strikeout rates during spring training, which are a couple of the spring training statistics that can be trusted. Story earned his first walk on Sunday, so he hasn't fulfilled his spring promise yet. The other telling spring stat, however, is ISO, which is a measure of a player's power. He's doing just fine there.

Yard Goats Have A Story To Hang Their Hopes On - Hartford Courant
One part of the nation that is certainly giving Story its attention is in Hartford, where several of his former minor league teammates, including fellow top prospects David Dahl, Ryan McMahon and Raimel Tapia, are watching the historic start to his big league career while playing for the Hartford Yard Goats. They said their friend's success is inspiring them and motivating them to work hard and give themselves a chance to be in Story's shoes this time next season.

Minor League rosters with most prospect talent -
Story's former teammates with the Yard Goats are earning some plaudits of their own as's Jim Callis has ranked Hartford's roster as the third-best in all of the minor leagues, saying that the Rockies' Double-A affiliate may have the deepest roster in all of the minors with a balance of offense and strong pitching.