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Jon Gray headlines a list of Rockies on the mend

As the team waits for Jon Gray to make his first start of the season in a Rockies uniform, they're faced with an interesting decision Thursday.

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Adam Ottavino progresses; one more rehab start for Rockies' Jon Gray - Patrick Saunders / Denver Post

If you're looking for information on when all the injured Rockies will return, Saunders has you covered. The most immediate comeback belongs to Jon Gray who will make one more rehab start on Friday for High-A Modesto before likely making his next start in purple. Everything sounds great with Gray health wise, the team just needs him to build up his pitch count a little more before slotting him into this innings challenged rotation.

Beyond that, we're dealing with a bunch of guys with no real time table for a return. Adam Ottavino is hopeful he'll be back on the mound in July, but that news is not new, and at this stage it's still too early to know if he'll reach that goal. The good news with this is that he hasn't experienced any setbacks. Daniel Descalso and Jason Motte meanwhile don't sound close to a return, and while Tyler Anderson and Tyler Matzek are both throwing bullpen sessions in Scottsdale, it doesn't look like they'll be appearing in any sort of game action in the immediate future.

Gray's situation leaves the Rockies with an interesting decision to make Thursday. Christian Bergman will have to make at least one start before Gray comes back, but if he starts Thursday, he's going to have to make two, which is something I think the Rockies will want to avoid. Here's what their pitching schedule looks like dating back to April 8 and forward to April 21.

April 8: Jordan Lyles (Home Opener)

April 9: Jorge De La Rosa

April 10: Chad Bettis

April 11: Off Day

April 12: Tyler Chatwood

April 13: Jordan Lyles

April 14: ??? (Here's the decision they have to make between Christian Bergman and Jorge De La Rosa)

April 15: ??? (Will depend on April 14 decision. Jon Gray also makes his rehab start in Modesto)

April 16: ??? (If the Rockies try to cut the corner twice with with De La Rosa on Thursday and Bettis on Friday, they will have to start Bergman here. If they start Bergman earlier, this will be a Bettis start)

April 17: Tyler Chatwood (With no off days between Chatwood's start last night and this game, Bergman must go before this date)

April 18: Jordan Lyles

April 19: ??? (If De La Rosa stars Thursday instead of Bergman, he could start here  on normal rest)

April 20: ??? (If all goes well, Gray will be able to return to the rotation here)

April 21: Off Day (With no more injuries, the Rockies should have a rotation of Bettis, Chatwood, Lyles, De La Rosa and Gray after this point)

If I were making the decision, I'd start De La Rosa on Thursday, Bergman on Friday and Bettis on Saturday.

Homers too much for Rockies - Thomas Harding /

Don't let any Giants fan ever convince that they're not the spoiled, obnoxious fat kid in the cookie aisle. Last night, Trevor Brown hit his second and third home run in only his seventh and eighth plate appearance of the young season. This is noteworthy because Brown hit a grand total of seven home runs in 1,230 minor league plate appearances. Are you kidding me?

Of course, since this occurred in their favor the team's media cartel will spew nothing but sunshine and lollipops about this story. However, if the shoe was on the other foot and the Giants were a victim of this type of sorcery, history says they'd have the MLB offices on the phone calling for a cheating investigation.

Chacin's strong start wasted, Harper's double keeps Braves winless - David O'Brien / Atlanta Journal

Old friend Jhoulys Chacin made his debut for the Braves last night and he was brilliant. He not only tossed six scoreless innings, but he struck out eight and didn't walk anyone. The righty is still only 28, so it's very possible he's got something left in the tank.

Trevor Story a testament to Colorado Rockies development, beginning of new era - Drew Creasman / BSN

Hey look, another old friend. This time it's former Purple Row writer Drew Creasman discussing the blazing start to Trevor Story's career. As is usually the case with Drew, he's got some very good quotes in this piece.

John Oliver rips the Yankees, offers premium seats - You Tube (Video contains language not safe for work)

This story is from last week, but it's too good not to share. After growing tired of the Yankees and their elitist policies, John Oliver rakes them over the coals and pokes fun at the joke that is their class dividing premium section in the best way possible. The winners of the contest came to the games dressed as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, turquoise unicorns and Katie Perry sharks.