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Trevor Story has 2 home runs taken away by new Coors Field fence

Whatever luck was involved in Story's home run streak appears to be gone.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

With sensible solutions sometimes comes unintended consequences.

When the Colorado Rockies just prior to the start of the season raised the fences down the left field line and in right-center field at 20th and Blake, the thought process likely revolved around helping heir pitchers maintain confidence and be less afraid to throw strikes.

The jury is still out on how well that will work in the long run (though it hasn't worked real well thus far), but it has hurt the team's offense in one really interesting way.

Trevor Story, who entered Wednesday with seven home runs in seven career games, would have extended his historic streak with another two deep flies -- if not for the new fence. Story tripled just to the right of center field in his third plate appearance of the game. The ball ricocheted off the top of the old wall and would've skipped over prior to the installation of the new fence. Instead, it bounced off the chain link portion of the fence and landed in the field of play.

In his next at-bat, Story launched a fly ball to right-center that would've easily cleared the old wall and found a home in the visitors' bullpen. But the long fly came to a halt about three-quarters of the way up the new fence and took a long bounce into right field. Story nearly ended up with an inside-the-park homer on the play but settled for his second triple.

At least Story's BABIP is looking better now, right?