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Colorado Rockies run reversed as replay confirms Dustin Garneau missed third base

The Rockies thought they had scored the tying run, but upon further review it appears Dustin Garneau might have missed third base on his way to the plate.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

As the Rockies trailed 3-2 in the top of the seventh, pinch-hitter Ryan Raburn lined an RBI single to right field, scoring the game-tying run in Dustin Garneau.

With DJ LeMahieu up to bat, Reds' pitcher Blake Wood stepped off the rubber and gently tossed the ball to third base, in which the third-base umpire signaled that Dustin Garneau was out after apparently missing third base.

Walt Weiss quickly came out of the dugout to challenge the call, and after a replay review, the umpires upheld the call.

While it's hard to make a definitive call, it seems rather clear to me that Garneau's foot touched the base. His foot does land before the base, but it also looks like his foot skims the base with his next step, and he appears to slightly trip in the process, providing evidence that he did in fact touch the bag.

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