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Colorado Rockies look to the legs to try and predict elbow injuries

Your Rockies news, notes and links for Friday, April 29.

Tyler Chatwood had Tommy John surgery in high school, and again in 2014
Tyler Chatwood had Tommy John surgery in high school, and again in 2014
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Data From Legs Aims To Aid Pitchers’ Arms -
The Rockies are one of two teams in baseball that are using Sparta Science to try and predict which pitchers are at a higher risk of tearing their UCL. The team has been a Sparta Science client for three and a half years, and are part of a client base that includes the Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers and Atlanta Falcons. The theory behind the work they do for the Rockies, as well as the Padres is that a pitcher who doesn't use his legs correctly puts more stress on his arm, increasing risk of an elbow injury. The team is able to use this technology with everyone, not just their big league team, thanks to a portable force plate. I won't summarize anymore of the article, but it's an interesting theory that actually makes a lot of sense and will hopefully allow the Rockies to minimize the number of serious elbow injuries that pitchers in the organization have to deal with.

Rockies' Walt Weiss is unhappy with slide rule |
Walt Weiss just wants the slide rule to be enforced consistently. He doesn't think that happened on Wednesday was consistent with the so called Chase Utley rule. It was ruled that Josh Harrison did not make a legal slide, but they also determined that he didn't interfere with LeMahieu in a way that prevented the throw to first that never came.

Rockies have lost their grip at Coors Field - and not because of rain - The Denver Post
The Rockies are just 4-8 so far this year at home, and Clint Hurdle and Dave Roberts think that part of those struggles are related to how challenging it is to manage at Coors Field. Hurdle brings a unique perspective to the challenges facing Walt Weiss, thanks to his seven year stint as the manager in Denver.