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Remember when the Colorado Rockies were good a few weeks ago?

Listen to this week's episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast!

Listen to the latest episode of the PDP!
Listen to the latest episode of the PDP!
Purple Row

Remember when the Colorado Rockies were over. 500 for two straight weeks of this baseball podcast? Hey, neither do we.

The Rockies are coming off of a 1-5 homestand that saw bad starting pitching, bad relief pitching, bad umpiring, a pair of huge rallies that still ended in losses, and some gobsmacking frustration. So what's the deal?

We'll attempt -- as always -- to read the tea leaves and come through on the other side feeling void and empty in our souls because the world refuses to let us have happiness. Er, uh, oh, we mean we'll analyze the last week and talk about baseball stuff. Yeah. Just that second part, thanks.

Hey, but Brendan Rodgers is destroying the South Atlantic League! We'll discuss the 19-year-old's scorching start, David Dahl's torrid end to April for the Hartford Yard Goats, the possible reemergence of Eddie Butler in the big leagues, and more on this week's edition of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. Listen below!